Finally there's the Lock button, which allows you to lock down settings so that you don't accidentally adjust the shutter speed or aperture when in the middle of a shoot. Similarly with CMOS. High ISO performance is another area in which the 645Z runs circles around comparable cameras. This is Pentax’s new somewhat-affordable medium format system. Shares. Designed for a wide range of pro shooters, it delivers class-leading response with 3 fps continuous shooting and fast image review and transfer. The dial is locking, so you'll have to depress the center button while turning it, but that means it's almost impossible to accidentally change the shooting mode. Sorry you true believers. A wealth of capabilities available for those that need them. No one will buy this camera for bragging rights. The Credo 50 is slower from shot to shot, managing just 1.1fps. But when you want the tactility and visibility of an aperture ring, they are there, and I for one am glad that they are. Large format considerably less convenient and more expensive. By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from:, 1060 North Capitol Ave., Suite C-375, Indianapolis, IN, 46204 United States, It is possible to magnify the area outlined by the focus box to confirm that the autofocus has nailed the shot or as a manual focus aid. Pentax 645z with 300mm f/5.6 @ ISO 1000. One tier down from these are Hasselblad H series and Pentax 645 lenses. But it won’t take that long to really put the 645z though its paces. The Pentax 645Z was revolutionary upon its release. The resulting images feature a uniquely distinct look and an unmistakable brilliance that clearly differentiate professional … It's a 3.2-inch LCD with a 1,037k-dot resolution. Mamiya is still an available brand, but it is now controlled by Phase One, and its cameras also appear under that brand. 35mm was convenient and inexpensive. On this page we present a number of sample photos representing various common shooting conditions. The Pentax 645Z Can Be Purchased atBH Photo. Here, what one does is point the camera at a blank wall or piece of paper and a few seconds later a screen is displayed showing a schmatic representation of the camera’s throat and a white screen representing the sensor area, with even the tiniest dust spot shown in black. Additional ports are located on the left and include a DC power input, a micro HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port, a microphone input, and dual SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slots. But other than those two estimables, you know what you can spend and what difference any given purchase will make to your happiness, your creativity or your productivity – or maybe all three if you’re both smart and lucky. In any other shooting mode to activate Auto ISO one presses the ISO button and at the same time the green button on the rear panel. (Rollei is still a player with the Hy6, though almost non-existent in most markets). As you can see from this review, the Pentax 645Z served me very well during my month-long time with it. But if you're syncing with an external strobe, like studio lights that are often utilized by medium format shooters, the minimum shutter speed is limited to 1/125-second. On the right side of the mirror box there's a switch to engage Mirror Lock-Up, which activates a two-stage shutter release—pressing the shutter button raises the mirror, and pressing it a second time captures an image. Both cameras have Medium format sensors but Pentax 645D has a 40.0 MP and Pentax 645Z has a 51.0 MP resolution. As a tripod mounted camera (probably 90% of the time) and formyshooting purposes – landscape and nature – and the fact that I regularly make large exhibition quality sized prints, it makes both practical and economic sense. Having tested and used Hasselblad and Phase One’s offerings with this same chip I feel that Pentax’s pricing really puts the cat among the pigeons. Here’s the problem. The camera is designed to take a Eye-Fi card, or better yet Pentax’s proprietary though ill-named FLU Card. This is because the camera falls into the medium format category for DSLR cameras making it a slightly larger option. Forest Ravine. The amount of detail that the 51-megapixel image sensor is able to capture is incredible. In Camera Menu 4 / Instant Review, turn off Histrogram Display. I have shot with all three, and have also owned and worked with virtually every Phase One back from the P25 through the IQ180, and I can tell you that the myth of CCD superiority is just that, a myth. Doing a bit of research on the Net, and browsing the forums and review sites will tell you what’s what. Ricoh doesn't include tethering software with the purchase of a 645Z. Cameras have much more dynamic range and cleaner shadows. Neither are the ultimate, and may leave a bit on the table when it comes to bench testing and MTF charts. There’s good news and there’s bad news when it comes to lenses. We go hands-on with the new Pentax 645Z, the most affordable medium format digital camera ever released, and post a number of sample photos. (4X5″ or larger sheet film was pricy to buy and pricy to process (especially transparency film)). The Pentax system will certainly get a workout in the coming months and I’ll let you know eventually how its performed for me. So, to paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumours of medium format’s demise seem to be somewhat exaggerated. Another major brand has a user interface that appears straightforward, yet when I come back to it after just a few weeks away it appears opaque, and takes some time for refamiliarization. I set the 645Z's picture processing settings to default, including using default noise reduction, and ran the JPG output through Imatest to check and see how well noise was controlled. First introduced in March 2010, Pentax 645D is a 40.0MP Pro DSLR camera with a Medium format (44 x 33 mm ) sized CCD sensor and Pentax 645AF2 lens mount. This is, of course, a matter of personal taste, but I find myself cropping most 35mm images to something closer to 4:3, or even square. I used Imatest to check the sharpness of images that the 645Z captures when paired with the SMC D FA 645 55mm F2.8 AL (IF) ($999.98 at Amazon) . The lens’s dustproof, weather-resistant body also makes it extremely dependable and durable for shooting in demanding outdoor conditions. Single shot, Cautious Low and High, Self Timer (2 sec and 12 sec), wireless remote single, delayed and continuous, Multi-Exposure with three different composite modes, Interval Shooting and Interval Composite. When using the FluCard to control the 656Z remotely you'll have access to a basic control mode that lets you tap to select a focus point and fire the shutter. Pentax 645Z Review – Verdict. That means that, when you switch over to Manual, you won't have the option of automatic ISO control. The body is a bit bulky due to the big mirror and eye-level viewfinder that go hand-in-hand with a medium format image sensor, so Pentax has opted to incorporate dual tripod mounts; one on the bottom of the camera for landscape shooting and another on the left side for portrait orientation. The Raw button quickly toggles between JPG and Raw+JPG, or Raw and Raw+JPG shooting. Lose too many shots, and I’ll lose the system, quickly. For others they are grown-up toys. The Pentax 645Z system is roughly 3 times cheaper than the nearest competitor, such as the Hasselblad H5D-50c available for around £20,000 body only, with the Pentax 645Z … Wedding photographer Nick Sparks reviews the Pentax 645z camera. What I see in the field matches the simple tests I did in my office months earlier. I wanted to see how the best DSLR on the market the Nikon D850 performs against the Pentax 645z. The camera utilizes a focal plane shutter, which can fire at 1/4,000-second at its shortest duration. I use the ring all the time when working in Aperture priority mode. Close examination of the images from our ISO test sequence on a calibrated NEC MultiSync PA271W( at Amazon) display does show that there's a loss of detail at ISO 25600. Be aware though then if you do have to clean the 645z’s sensor it is located very deep in the camera because of the huge mirror box. The PENTAX 645Z seamlessly combines brilliant build quality, exceptional maneuverability and hyper resolution with 51.4 effective MP. Simply human nature. And, certainly the new Pentax 645z seems to have created quite a buzz and strong demand in its niche. When you're shooting with the camera in the field there's a frame that shows you the limit of the focus system, but it's not there in the software. The new lens is the first produced following Ricoh’s extensive review of standards for the top-of-the-line Star series. For some photographers, not to mention apparently a number of popular web reviewers, image quality is their primary interest, be it due to the sensor and / or lenses. This is something that has been in Pentax cameras for years, and other manufacturers have copied it by allowing you to use Manual mode with automatic ISO control, but Pentax opts to give it its own dial position. More on this shortly. After several days of initial testing, some on-line research, and speaking with previous 645D owners (including my good friend and fellow reviewer Nick Devlin) I decided that the 645z would be an excellent replacement for the Nikon D800e which I had sold a while earlier.
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