CAD blocks and files can be downloaded in the formats DWG, RFA, IPT, F3D. I will try to demonstrate most of the functions I have used before by applying it to something a little bit more interesting than just creating drawing symbols. This video shows you the basics of how to edit a few basic components inside a Dynamic Block inside AutoCAD. Notice the grayed out areas on the bar, these areas are going to be the fields that we will link to our viewport starting off with the 1"=10' field as shown below. Click below left of the bottom line of sketch and draw a box over all the left end points of my two pipe sketches just like the stretch command, so it looks like the image shown below. Regardless, you'll still need to delete and purge your drawing of the errant blocks by completing the following steps: 1A. I mostly use this feature to create dynamic symbols that can be used in drawings, like Section arrows, 2D Pipe ends, North Arrows, etc. × This scale bar can be a block with attribute values or just an object within AutoCAD containing text. The front view flange block will not be used further in this exercise. There is a Test Block Button on the ribbon as shown above that allows testing the Block in a new drawing window without closing the block editor. So you can open them in whatever version of CAD software you have. - Earn over 80% - Upload any CAD models including; - 3ds max , AutoCAD , Rhino , Vector works , Sketchup , Revit and more Download this FREE 2D CAD Block of a Dynamic Scale bar (Metric). My first dynamic block is complete. DYNAMIC SCALE BAR DOWNLOAD Dynamic_SCALE.dwg. Scale bars allow us to accurately determine the size of objects (width, height, length, depth) of space, buildings, structures, parts in CAD projects and drawings. Contributors To do this I click on the Visibility Mode button on the ribbon till I can see both of the side flanges over each other one dimmed out a bit. Making Your Own Dynamic Scale Bar in AutoCad. By This is only the basics of what can be accomplished with dynamic blocks. Then I go back to the Action tab on the Authoring Palettes and select the Stretch Action. Next, I go to the ribbon and select Visibility States option, which will open a new window where I can create the two sizes as shown below. Cheers saves me getting frustrated trying to find it. After adding the base point and visibility parameter I can start adding the other Parameters that will be needed to make this a basic dynamic pipe routing system. After that is completed I select my Flange Front block, right click and select Block Editor and the display should look something like this. **UPDATE** I have made a much better set of Dynamic Scale Bars which you can download here!!! (AutoCAD 2000.dwg format) Our CAD drawings are purged to keep the files clean of any unwanted layers. Tags for these CAD blocks : CAD Support - Block Drawings and Borders Block Drawings and Borders. I click on the first option “Visibility Mode” which allows me to still see the 100NB Flange but it appears darker than the 80NB Flange. This tutorial includes how to use visibility, stretching, and alignment. It prompts me to select the Parameter so I select the Rotation Parameter I just created. Support and FAQ One of the most powerful features of AutoCAD is dynamic blocks. The block is meant to be used on paper space. To create a dynamic block, you use the standard Block Editor environment, and then you add parameters and actions to specific geometry within the block. Clear editor. Block: DYNAMIC SCALE BAR (Drawing elements) Block #17266 « back to Catalog. The Action function is represented by the small blue squares with a picture of its action. So to begin with I created some 2D pipe sketches. On the Block Authoring Palette I go back to the Parameter tab and select the Linear Parameter. A block library might have dozens of windows (if After that, I need to select the object that needs to be stretched, similar to a normal stretch. All that is needed is a template drawing with all of the blocks in it saved to a folder that will not change and a drawing name that will not change. I select the Rotate Action from the Actions tab of the Block Authoring Palettes. Then it will prompt to select one of the two arrows on the Linear Parameter to indicate which direction I want to stretch in. ), explode and select the size and then place it at its desired place on the drawing so I only have to have the master dynamic block in my drawing and I will have my whole specification at hand. ... Index of Scales: PDF: The following bar scales are designed to be inserted into 8.5"x11" or 11"x17" drawing. Currently, everything is visible in the drawing area. I did same for the Pipe, Tee and 90-Elbow Blocks, to make them all rotate as shown in the image below. These parameters will be the same for each block. I then select Close Block Editor option on the Ribbon and save the block. I think this is not something Autodesk envisioned when they added the Dynamic Block feature, but it is kind of cool to be able to do something like this in AutoCAD. LEARN MORE SCALE BAR. Testimonials Some of the parameters can also be used on 3D objects, but remember that a block is a 2D thing so you need to create the block in the correct view to perform the action you want on a 3D object. All drawings will work in AutoCAD2004 and higher. When I press enter the 100NB flange disappears, leaving only the 80NB flange visible. Have Fun! Here's a nice basic DB (one of my first). The first button “Visibility Mode” enables or disables the visibility of all items. Yes, you can assign block stretch to sides also. Figure 1: Typical Scale bar with Fields shown. By default, a bar scale tool created that way will have the same layer key, layer overrides, symbol, attribute text style, and attribute text angle as the original tool that was used to create the annotation symbol in the drawing. One way of creating a Dynamic Graphic scale bar. can one such a block be insrted in autocad plant 3d as inteligent part for the catalog? I just want to add a word of caution here, if you rotate or mirror a dynamic block with the normal commands it will make a mess of the dynamic features you added. For some reason, in the Block Editor, the move to @0,0,0 will not work so I always draw a line starting at 0,0,0 and then move my sketch to that point on the line and then delete that line. Now I change the selection drop down on the ribbon to the 100NB selection and follow the same procedure as before but instead of selecting the 100NB sketch parts I select the 80NB sketch parts. The list of actions and parameters is long and they can be combined to form even more complex 2D blocks for use in AutoCAD. AutoCAD® 2006 Dynamic Blocks in AutoCAD Part 1 of 3: Dynamic Block Overview and Quick-Start Tutorial. and if you open the 3D block in the block editor you will only have that view you created to work with. Free CAD and BIM blocks library - content for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit, Inventor, Fusion 360 and other 2D and 3D CAD applications by Autodesk. I hope this will be of use to someone. I am now going to make it rotate. The files are in dwg and dxf format and can be download for free. I can stretch the pipe length to any length I want. Now I select the Rotate Parameter in the Authoring Palettes, I click on the midpoint of the front of the flange then I move out a bit and click again.   Your link has been automatically embedded. I am going to move it later after the setup is complete. I could just as easily have added a drop down to show the manway with the lid or without the lid or to remove the safety grating covering the hole. They were formatted to follow the "West Region-Oregon CAD Standards. In most cases, this first set of steps alone will solve the problem. Now when I select my Flange_front block there is a square grip in the middle of the flange for moving the block around which is also the base point of the block. I position the two sketches over each other at the origin of the block and move the Visibility Parameter to look something like the image shown below (Visibility Mode Enabled). This week's Block is a Graphic Scale created as a dynamic block that will be fit for the following scales: 1:50, 1:100, 1:200, 1:500 and 1:1000. Reason for it: basically it's just easier to have this one block instead of 9 different ones.  I created an 80NB and 100NB Flange, Pipe, Tee and 90° Elbow. A Dynamic block allows you to dynamically change 2D Objects in various ways, like rotate, scale… Notice the yellow exclamation box on the Rotation Parameter. along X axis. DWG2018. Do you have questions related to this article? I open the Pipe Block in the block editor. This exciting new feature, called Dynamic Blocks, enables you to modify blocks within specific constraints. We can change the Attachment, color, and scale of the block, as shown in the below image: Download the block or see the image below. A Dynamic block allows you to dynamically change 2D Objects in various ways, like rotate, scale, move, show or hide. Majenta Academy Online SNIPS will demonstrate how to create an AutoCAD Dynamic Block. Spinxy, April 18, 2011 in AutoCAD Beginners' Area. Remember that I need to see both flanges, both need to rotate, but not the Visibility Parameter, I want that to stay where it is. It is something I learned in the beginning of my dealings with AutoCAD and it is one of the things I use every time I create a drawing in AutoCAD and something I almost miss in the Inventor drawing environment. You pick from 1/16" = 1'-0" to 3" = 1'-0", used for architectural & structural dwgs. There is also an arrow drop down grip on its side for choosing the size of the flange. Personally, I would prefer having the different pipe fittings & parts separate from each other and just choosing between the views, exploding and then choosing the size. This is because this Parameter requires an Action to go with it. Upload or insert images from URL. You can exchange useful blocks and symbols with other CAD and BIM users. One of the most powerful features of AutoCAD is dynamic blocks. For this next part, I am only going to work with the last 4 side view blocks. You can post now and register later. We can add the two flange blocks together to create another dynamic block to select between the front and side view of the flange. This is only because I can set up two stretch actions for one Linear Parameter if I want. See popular blocks and top brands. After testing the block you can close Test window and save the block, the final block should look like the image shown below.
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